About Us

*Please note that we are wholesalers and do not sell direct to the public.

We are importers/exporters/distributors of pet and produce store supplies.

We source pet products from Australia and around the world for the Australian wholesale pet market.

Established in 1972 Elite Pet continues today as a key wholesaler to Pet and Rural Stores across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region. 

We cater for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small animals, reptiles and poultry.

We have a wide range of general pet supplies, Bird Cages, Rabbit Hutches, Dog Kennels, Animal Traps, Cage Fronts, Incubators, Bird Leg Rings and bird nesting boxes.

Please contact our company as follows:

Postal:    Po Box 3136 Dural NSW 2158

Phone:    02 4587 9756  

Email:    mail@elitepet.com.au    Orders: orders@elitepet.com.au

Business Address: 9 Precision Place Vineyard NSW 2765



Mariusz Pasieczny

Phone:  02 4587 9756

Email: mail@elitepet.com.au


Marek Pasieczny

Mobile: 0407 244430‚Äč

Email: orders@elitepet.com.au

Areas: Sydney Metro, Wollongong, Central Coast - Newcastle, Canberra,

Blue Mountains region.



David Morgan  

Mobile: 0427 220 550

Email: mail@elitepet.com.au

Areas: All country NSW areas and National.


Andre Morgan

Mobile: 0418 474 476

Email: admin@elitepet.com.au