About Us

*Please note that we are wholesalers and do not sell direct to the public.

We are importers/exporters/distributors of pet and produce store supplies.

We source pet products from Australia and around the world for the wholesale pet market.

Established in 1972 Elite Pet continues today as a key wholesaler to Pet and Rural Stores across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region. 

We cater for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small animals, reptiles and poultry.

We have a wide range of general pet supplies, Bird Cages, Rabbit Hutches, Dog Kennels, Animal Traps, Cage Fronts, Incubators, Bird Leg Rings and bird nesting boxes.

Please contact our company as follows:

Postal:    Po Box 3136 Dural NSW 2158

Phone:    02 4587 9756  

Email:    mail@elitepet.com.au    Orders: orders@elitepet.com.au

Business Address: 9 Precision Place Vineyard NSW 2765



Mariusz Pasieczny

Phone:  02 4587 9756

Email: mail@elitepet.com.au


Marek Pasieczny

Mobile: 0407 244430‚Äč

Email: orders@elitepet.com.au

Areas: Sydney Metro, Wollongong, Central Coast - Newcastle, Canberra,

Blue Mountains region.



David Morgan  

Mobile: 0427 220 550

Email: mail@elitepet.com.au

Areas: All country NSW areas and National.


Andre Morgan

Mobile: 0418 474 476

Email: admin@elitepet.com.au